styleguide 0.30.11


People love Dagbladet. People hate Dagbladet. But most important of all – people read Dagbladet. More than a million souls every day. They rage with anger and shed tears of joy. We experience their full range of emotions. Make something that matters to the people around you.

Journalism’s relationship to technology continues evolve and change faster than ink dries on paper. Sometimes breaking news, sometimes long immersive experiences. Sometimes something entirely different. All presented in the volatile enviroment that is Dagbladet. Our style guide is a tool born to inspire a holistic expression, for all environments, both at the ux level and the editorial design level of Dagbladet. A design language that's native to digital media. Be authentic.

Our style guide is a living document. We lay some ground describing how we write our front-end code, keep it maintainable and ensure consistency. It's also a pattern primer allowing everyone in the team to easily create layouts without racking up new design and technical debt.

At the heart of our style guide is the desire to inspire experimentation. Challenge the norms. Design for peoples needs, not hypothetical users that might not exist. And eat our own dog food. If we are not using it, why should anybody else.

Move fast and break things, then move fast and fix it. Ship early, ship often, sacrificing features, never quality. Kyle Neath